How To Play Bingo online And Win Real money

Considering bingo online? There’s nothing Aussies love more than winning and bingo has historically been one of our favourite games, with its origins in Australia dating back to the early 1900s! It’s been associated with the elderly for decades though, and the word “bingo” usually conjures up an image of a little old lady with a purple perm yelling out in a club hall. BUT, times they are a’changing and today, younger generations are having just as much fun with bingo as grandma! And with the introduction of bingo online on computers, tablets and mobile, it’s more popular than ever. 

If you haven’t given it a go yet and you’re keen to give the slots a miss and find out more about how to play bingo online, keep reading. We’ll have you calling out “bingo” in your lounge room before you know it! And you don’t need a purple perm to do so.

  • How To Play Bingo online

    Bingo online is pretty simple. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played it in the flesh, or if this is your first time at bingo in general. This is how the game goes:

    Step One: Register. You’re playing online, which means you have to sign up first. It’s usually pretty simple. Put your personal details in, agree to the terms, and validate your email address. 

    Step Two: Choose your game. There is an abundance of online bingo games to choose from, offering different prizes, offers, and bonus features. They are all pretty similar when it comes to the game itself though.

    Step Three: Choose your cards. Players usually get three cards per game, but you can play for one or two cards, or you can buy extra.

    Step Four: The numbers. When the bingo online game begins, the computer will spin to generate random numbers. These will show up at the top of the screen (usually). When that matches one of the numbers on your cards, you click it to highlight it. 

    Step Five: Bingo. When you have the entire pattern, hit the BINGO button. The computer will check your numbers against the computer, and if you win – the prize is yours.

    Online bingo comes with a chat room so you can talk to the other Aussies (or people around the world) in the game if you want to. If you prefer to keep to yourself, that’s also fine. But keep an eye on the chat room as you might learn something new. And if you do have any questions, it’s a great place to ask for answers from more seasoned players.

  • Choosing Your Bingo Card

    There are two general bingo strategies for choosing the bingo card you want to play with. 

    The first is the Granville bingo strategy. This strategy operates on the basic principal that if you have an equal number of large numbers vs small numbers, or odd numbers and even numbers, your chances of winning are increased. It also works for having an equal number that ends with 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. For example, 1, 11, 21, 31, 41.

    The second is the Tippett bingo strategy. The idea of this strategy is to choose a card with numbers that are either close to the number 1, close to the highest number on the board, or closer to the middle.

    While neither of these are sure bets, it could be worth trying.

  • Can You Win Money With Online Bingo?

    If you’re going to play in an online casino with real money, there’s a good chance you can win money with online bingo. Bingo is based on chance. It’s not about skill. So if luck is on your side, you’ll win! It’s pretty simple.  How much you can win though, will depend on you and the site you’re playing.

    Keep in mind that you’re playing against other people when you play bingo online – just like you do when you’re at the bingo hall or casino. The more people who are playing one game, the larger the prize – but the less chance you have of winning. So the choice is yours.

    The amount you are willing to spend can also determine the prize value. The more real money you spend on a ticket, the more you can win if you call BINGO at the end of the game. 

    If you do win the prize pool, head to the cashier page to withdraw. Most sites will have a limit as to how much you can withdraw each day, so keep that in mind if you’re a big winner. 

  • Best Tips For Winning Bingo Online

    We know: you’re here because you want to win at online bingo and you want the best tips to do that. Here are our best:

    1. If you are new to online bingo, test out some of the free games first to master the technique. It might not improve your chances of hitting the jackpot, but it will give you a better idea of how to play before you start spending your cash.

    2. Choose a game that only has a few players. Online bingo games have a “peak hour” and a slow period (usually in the middle of the night), so choose times when it’s less busy to try to your luck. Avoid weekends.

    3. Buy as many cards as you can afford per game. The more cards you have, the more chance you have of winning. And you might even win on a few cards, increasing your prize pool.

    4. Chat to the other players – often the chat rooms also offer prizes, so if you don’t win on the actual game board, you could win a prize in the chat room.

    5. Play high-value games. Some games have big jackpots of tens of thousands of dollars. Others might have $100. If you’ve adhered to the first step and you’re online when it's not busy, find the high-value games to increase your chance of a big jackpot.

  • Is online bingo fixed?

    Even though online bingo is – as the name suggests – online, doesn’t mean it’s not monitored. When it comes to online gaming, there are strict laws in place to ensure companies are legit, which is good news for you. 

    Of course, the goal of online gaming sites is to make money – and they do. But they don’t do it by ripping you off. They actually undergo regular audits by government authorities to ensure their games are 100% by the board. This guarantees that random numbers are random, and checks both old and new games. 

    If you have any concerns, check the reviews online. There are plenty of legit providers of bingo online that you can use, such as JoeFortune. So do your research before you play.

  • Why Play Bingo online with JoeFortune?

    Playing online bingo in Australia is a new level of excitement. You can head out to your local bingo hall, or head to the casinos in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane – or your nearest capital city. Or you can stay in your PJs at home, snuggled under your fave doona, and play to win from the comfort of your lounge!

    With Joe Fortune, we make sure our players have a great time. We also believe in responsible gaming, so we want you to take care of yourself. Don’t take the game too seriously. Remember, the game itself might be in the cloud, but you’re playing for real money. Enjoy yourself and don’t bet more than you can afford. BINGO